JDM Engine Depot is known for in selling used JDM Engines for over a decade now. Based in Belleville New Jersey, it sells used transmissions, suspensions, accessories and engines from Japan. JDM offers parts of vehicles like Nissan/Infiniti, Lexus/Toyota, Honda/Acura, Subaru, Suzuki, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Ford. Customers can pick their parts directly from the JDM Engine Depot warehouse or they can be shipped at any location around the globe.

JDM Engine Depot’s inventory offers a solution to the scarcity of spare parts and replacements for Japanese cars in repair workshops. Old vehicle parts are taxed high in Japan. They combine great shipping offers and low prices to provide the used engines and spare parts at affordable rates. Moreover, the engines are covered under warranty. JDM Engine depot offers a large variety of clearance items. It offers special toll reimbursements for customers traveling from NY, MA, and CT. The JDM Engine Depot staff is trained and provide high quality customer service. The transmissions have an average of 25,000-65,000 that come with a warranty. All types of accessories such as wheels, mounts, interior parts are also available for purchase at JDM Engine Depot. Parts that are not included in the inventory list can also be provided at the customer’s request. With direct access to the Japanese markets; they are able to sell parts that are reliable and cost effective. The website has an extensive layout of all the parts provided by JDM and all the product details are clearly given. Shipping is provided to multiple locations and payment options through Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal makes purchasing easy.

JDM Engine Depot Review


The JDM Engine depot offers engines, transmissions, and accessories in excellent condition. These product parts are available for a huge variety of models that are not available anywhere else. The JDM Engine Depot provides clean swap with low-mileage. Since cars run fewer miles in Japan, the transmissions imported from Japan are in great condition and give a long-lasting life. Accessories like door panels, clusters, front nose, wheels, harness, bumpers and many other parts are available in good condition.

Customer service:

JDM Engine depot ships parts all around the globe. Special rebates are offered to customers of MA, NY, and CT. The staff at the headquarters is knowledgeable and provides good assistance in picking the correct vehicle parts. The layout of the JDM Engine depot website is clear, concise and customer-friendly. They are available in phone –service at all times.


The Japanese vehicle parts carry high tax rates as they age. Therefore, the prices are extremely hefty on the customer’s pockets. JDM Engine depot has excellent market access to the Japanese markets to import low-mileage products at reasonable prices. Their prices are much lower than their competitors offering the same product.

Shipping, payments, replacements:

The customers can inquire the shipping costs by emailing the item details to be purchased and their correct complete address. Shipping prices are reasonably charged as per the location. Payments are accepted via Paypal, Mastercard, and Visa. The non-performing engines carry a 90-day warranty and the performing Engines carry a 30-day warranty. Performance and non-performance transmissions come with a 30-day warranty. JDM Engine depot provides replacements for engines and transmissions when customers mail in the photos with product details.


JDM Engine depot provides used Japanese car parts at excellent pricing and low-mileage. It covers the largest inventory on the East Coast and provides resilient parts which are long-lasting. Their policies of return, shipment, and replacement are clear. They are prompt in customer service and respond to queries in the shortest time span.


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